Unforgivable Sins Of Online Poker

Unforgivable Sins Of Online Poker

In poker, such a case has its own term “bad beat”, and any poker player has come across it, regardless of skill level. If at this moment even the most advanced players barely restrain themselves so as not to say “a pair of swearing” out loud, then what can we say about newcomers?

As a rule, after moving, they try to recoup right 먹튀검증, while making unjustified and thoughtless bets, they often go all-in and perform many other stupid actions. As a result, they lose even more.

For such circumstances, first of all, you need to pull yourself together, although this is very difficult to do. Next you need to calm down and try to relate to the loss with humor – this is what many pros do. They joke about their bad luck and praise the opponent for a competent rally. This helps to defuse the situation and stabilize the emotional background.

Victories, of course, give extremely positive emotions, but even they, not surprisingly, can harm the player. So after a series of victories, the poker player becomes self-confident, he begins to make big bets and take unnecessary risks.

It is common for any white line to end – it will be great if the poker player has calmed down and continues to play according to his strategy. Worse, when he had already lost everything. Whatever it is, try to restrain your emotions for any circumstances, regardless of money lost or won.

Psychology of opponents

In poker, it is important to monitor opponents and their behavior in order to predict their future actions. This is especially true in “live” tournaments, when everyone sees each other. On the Internet, it’s a little more complicated, because the player does not see anything except a nickname and an avatar, but there are a number of points that will allow you to judge the behavioral psychology of rivals sitting at the table online.

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