Empodera Festival arrives in Belo Horizonte this Sunday

Empodera Festival arrives in Belo Horizonte this Sunday

This Sunday (1), Belo Horizonte receives an event for women: the “Empodera Festival!” Which takes place from 10 am, at Viaduto das Artes – Barreiro. There will be free workshops on Entrepreneurship, Aesthetics for Black Women and West African Dances, as well as Networking Wheel between local entrepreneurs.

The event brings a space of art, music, Belo Horizonte, relaxation, empowerment and also training through workshops, which aim at the development of entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

The Festival is all built by women, including creation, artists, general service providers, food production and products that will be on sale during the day. It is designed by Mulherio Networking, a women’s entrepreneurship strengthening group, produced by Salve Marias Cultural Production and has the support of the Belo Horizonte City Hall and the Municipal Culture Foundation through the Cultural Incentive Law.

At the Entrepreneurial Financial Education Workshop, Contadora Priscila Silva will teach you how to simplify the organization of business finance through awareness and the use of management tools to make women’s desire to be entrepreneurs a reality.

The Hairdresser Helen Castro will give the workshop of Aesthetics for Women that aims to encourage women who have passed or are going through the hair transition, helping to recognize themselves understanding their natural textures.

Professor Maria Laura Menezes, seeks to explore in an experiential theoretical meeting, through movements of African corporeality, the perception of existing possibilities.in our own bodies, with activities in dance practices, with reference to the traditional rhythms of countries in West Africa.

At the Networking Meeting, through a rich interaction between the participants, it will be possible to create networks and collective empowerment of women entrepreneurs, intermediated by Business Coach, Iaçanã Lopes.

All this packed with a lot of music produced by artists from Belo Horizonte, such as DJ Raquel Feu, presentation of the group Coco Jussara and show of the Tapa Block of Mina and the Teresa Group, which bring in their repertoire songs composed and / or performed by great women. of Brazilian music.The event will be open to women and men, while workshops will be exclusive to women. For more information click here .

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